Renew Crew

Quality Pressure Washing for Fences, Decks, Patios, Pavers, Walkways & Driveways

The wood, brick, and concrete surfaces that surround your home require care and protection. Without it, grime, mildew, mold, and dirt will wear them down – eroding away protective sealant and causing costly damage to fences, decks, patios, walkways, and more. Renew Crew of West Columbus can help. Our three-step pressure washing process not only cleans and beautifies – it seals and protects.

First, we apply a foam to loosen dirt, grime, and mildew. Then, we use a pressure washing to rinse stains away. And then we apply a sealer to ensure that wood, brick, and concrete surfaces stay clean, beautiful, and protected – for longer.

Here are the pressure washing services that we perform on both residential and commercial fences, decks, patios, and walkways:

Want your deck to hold its color and last for years? Our expert cleaning and sealing can make that happen. If your deck (or fence) could use a little more color, we can add tint to our sealant.

Some pressure washers in Columbus employ chlorine. We don’t. Our eco-friendly cleaning solution gets the job done in a better way – without harsh chemicals that could harm your children or pets.

Columbus’ winters are tough on bricks. Freezes, thaws, and de-icing salt causes bricks to crack. Our sealant protects against the elements and helps prevent wear from dirt, grime, mildew – even UV rays.

Our sealers can also enhance the appearance of your pavers, brick, or concrete with the finish of your choice, from matte to high gloss.

If you treat your decks, fences, patios, and walkways right by cleaning and sealing them, they’ll serve you well for years. So why not call Renew Crew of West Columbus today? Our pressure washing service is available in Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, Westerville, and nearby.

Quality Service

Renew Crew of West Columbus is a family-owned business serving both commercial and residential clients throughout the area. We clean and protect wood decks and fences of all sizes. As a native Ohioan, proud Veteran, and graduate of The Ohio State University co-owner Mike Lear is proud to provide quality services that help beautify our community. Call us today at (614) 210-3998 for a free estimate!