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Power Washing That Cleans & Protects Bricks, Pavers & More

Well-maintained pavers, bricks, and other hardscape materials add beauty and value to your property. However, without proper power washing and sealing, your hardscape surfaces can be dulled and damaged by the elements. Sun, wind, rain, and snow can all play a huge role in damaging bricks and pavers. Once a hardscape is damaged beyond simple sealant repairs, replacing it can cost a small fortune.

Renew Crew of West Columbus can provide the power washing and sealing services you need to keep your bricks, pavers, and hardscapes looking beautiful for decades. We use a proprietary three-step cleaning and sealing process that renews the appearance of your hardscaping while protecting it for the long term. Our expert power washing services are available throughout Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, Westerville, and nearby.

Do I need hardscape power washing services?

Brick Cleaning Services

Does your brick walkway look clean, or is it dull and slimy? Are your pavers grimy or faded? Ground-in mud, dirt, oil, and even mildew and mold can mar and stain your hardscape. The freeze-thaw cycle we endure during harsh Columbus winters can cause brick to crack and split, and so can the de-icing salt we use. Mold and algae growth can do further damage while creating a slippery hazard. If you see any of these issues, your hardscape is overdue for a professional power washing and sealing.

Renew Crew expertly cleans & protects

You can count on Renew Crew of West Columbus to clean and restore your pavers, brick walkways, and concrete surfaces to their original, beautiful appearance. First, we’ll evaluate your hardscape to identify issues. Then we’ll tailor a plan of action for you to review. Only then will we begin our three-step power washing process:

First, we apply our advanced cleansing solution, which penetrates deep into the surface to loosen and lift hard-to-get stains, grime, and slime.

Next, our gently-applied power wash removes loosened dirt and grime. Because the cleaning solution raises stains to the surface, we can use a less-powerful power wash; this reduces the risk of gouging and cracking.

Our cleaning solution also opens the pores of bricks, pavers, and hardscapes. This prepares their surfaces to better receive our sealant, which we apply in the third step of our cleaning process.

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If you would like to see your hardscaping return to its former glory, why not call Renew Crew of West Columbus today? Our expert power washing cleans and restores pavers, bricks, and other hardscaping in Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, Westerville, and the surrounding area.

Brick Cleaning Before

Dirty Brick before cleaning

Brick Cleaning After

Clean brick cleaning after