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Pressure Washing for Your Business

Your store front is the first thing people see. Curb appeal—a business’s first impression—is important. If you are a business owner or manager, you especially want your building looking its best to your customers and employees.

Years of exposure to the wind, rain, snow, and sun can all take their toll on your property and can leave your siding or brick stained, your wood deck faded, and your stone walkways unkempt. At Renew Crew of West Columbus, we specialize in helping your business shine like new again by using our unique power washing method.
Pressure Washing for Your Home
Our 3-step cleaning process can not only spruce up siding, decks, and walkways, but it can also renew the gutter faces, fences, patios, and walkways for your home. If your wood, concrete, stone, or brick surfaces at home have developed mold or mildew, there is no need to worry, because our cleaning method is able to give you a deep down clean that will renew your residential property.

Our Technique

deck cleaning

Our power washing technique is second to none and involves a 3-part process to clear away residue and grime that most other pressure washing services leave behind. We use an environmentally-friendly approach that will not harm the grass, plants, or your property’s surfaces in any way, and our technicians are experienced in working with commercial properties, as well as residential. Check it out:

  • We presoak your deck, walkway, fence, or other surface in a cleansing foam that will work its way into crevices, removing dirt in the areas that are the most difficult to reach.

  • We will then gently pressure wash the space thoroughly, taking great care while cleaning deep-down into your porous surfaces.

  • Finally, we apply a finish designed to protect your property’s surfaces from the rays of the sun.

  • Using this process, we can restore the color of your surfaces worn away by years of exposure to the elements and the sun’s UV rays.

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    We faithfully serve the community of West Columbus and always our best to meet all of your pressure washing needs, be it residential or commercial. Renew Crew of West Columbus is local, Veteran owned and operated and we look forward to working with you. If you’re interested in our services, give us a call at 614-210-3998. Our estimates are always free. You can also contact us online at your convenience. We look forward to working with you!

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